Thursday, 3 January 2013

Upbeat Communities has an exciting year ahead!
We have a number of new projects starting this year, alongside our ongoing projects that are currently running.
GET SET! Enterprise training.
Our new course of enterprise training will include sewing, IT and business start-up, funded through two grants we’ve been awarded.
If you have skills in any of these areas or run your own business (e.g. plumber, gardener or graphic designer!) and would like to become a mentor, we would love to hear from you.
Would you like to help budding entrepreneurs from the migrant community develop their business ideas?
We need mentors who can offer just one hour a month (for approx. 6 months).
Alternatively could you offer two days of work experience? You will gain valuable cross cultural experience and help someone start on the road to self-sufficiency!
Our Food Shared Food
The Our Food Shared Food project had a recipe book published in 2012, we will be expanding this project further this year with several events to bring people from different backgraounds together around cooking food.
Upbeat Communities has also published a book with delicious recipes other cultures called Our Food Shared Food 

Get Involved...
We have many valuable volunteers without whom the work we do would not be possible! To get involved in any of the work we do, please get in touch:
Karina Martin          Enterprise Training (work experience/mentoring)
Hanna Stone           Our Food Shared Food          
Heili Tonissaar        ESOL Classes     
Sarah Bonnington   Welcome Box Project
Louise Allen            General Enquiries